Looking after your heart doesn’t require a gym membership

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Looking after your heart

Looking after your heart doesn’t require a gym membership

We don’t give our hearts the credit they deserve. They tirelessly beat away for our entire lives, keeping us alive while we go about our daily business. It’s absolutely essential that we look after them the best we can. Exercise forms a critical part of a healthy lifestyle and will help keep your heart functioning efficiently, along with numerous other benefits from feeling to sleeping better.

A sudden cardiac arrest causes the heart to abruptly and unexpectedly stop working. It can occur in a person with or without known heart disease at any age or fitness level.

There are many fears that sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) can strike during exercise. The shock and severity of someone collapsing while exercising grabs our attention. However, make no mistake, regular and moderate-intensity activity is the best way to prevent an SCA and other heart-related diseases.

The benefits of exercise

Sadly, more than one in three UK adults don’t get enough exercise. This consists of at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity, 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity or a mixture of both moderate and intense exercise.

Exercise is often associated with gyms – a no go area for many of us. It may feel like a chore and another expense you can’t justify in the monthly budget. It could even feel dull and repetitive. Although gyms can be a great way to stay fit, physical activity doesn’t require a membership and in many cases is completely free, fun, and social.

Taking the dog for extra long walks, kicking a football around, or bike rides with the whole family are just a tiny handful of ways to get your heart pumping. If you like the idea of a workout routine but don’t want to jump into a gym membership, there are countless online resources and free apps that give you a home workout routine. Plenty of them don’t need any equipment either!

You could also join a local sports team. Whether you choose football, hockey, or rowing, there are going to be many groups around you that you aren’t even aware of.

The possibilities to keep your heart healthy are endless and often carry other benefits with them. Physical activity can be a chance to socialise, spend quality time with your family, blow off steam, and even provide time for personal reflection.

The importance of defibrillators

Sudden cardiac arrest can strike at any time, so it’s important to be prepared for such an event. Until an ambulance arrives, arm yourself with two crucial lifesaving procedures: CPR and a device known as a defibrillator. When you use one in the first three to five minutes after a sudden cardiac arrest, survival rates jump from 6% up to 74%.

When it comes to heart health, be as prepared as possible. Exercise regularly and be aware of the location of your nearest defibrillator – it could save your life.

At Defib365, it’s our mission to provide businesses and communities across the UK with defibrillators. Investing in just one for your organisation can make the difference between life and death. Whether you would prefer to lease or buy our products, get in touch today on 0333 050 6649 to find out how we can help you.

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