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healthy heart diet

How eating healthy food can give your heart the boost it needs

We’ve always known that living a healthy lifestyle can drastically decrease your chances of various types of heart disease. These typically include exercising, eating a healthy diet, maintaining a body mass index lower

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Looking after your heart

Looking after your heart doesn’t require a gym membership

We don’t give our hearts the credit they deserve. They tirelessly beat away for our entire lives, keeping us alive while we go about our daily business. It’s absolutely essential that we look

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Do I need a deifbrillator

Do I need a defibrillator in my business?

Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) takes lives. Yet, a common question we get asked is, “Do I really need a defibrillator in my business?” The short answer to this question: yes. The longer answer:

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Defibrillator training

How defibrillator training helps you in an emergency

Defibrillators are designed to be operated by anyone, with or without training. This is thanks to the clear voice prompts given by the device through the entire process. These devices have been purposefully

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Adam Appeal

How partnerships are saving lives – The Adam Appeal and Lancashire FA

At Defib365, we’ve been vocal about our community champions and how we want more people to get involved with our cause to make defibrillators a common sight in the UK. So our goal

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Nearest defibrillator

Do you know where your nearest defibrillator is?

Last summer, tragedy struck a community in Derbyshire. Tom Henson was playing five-a-side football when he suffered a cardiac arrest and passed away. It was a complete shock to his family and friends

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Daniel Wilkinson Foundation

The Daniel Wilkinson story: what we can learn about sudden cardiac arrests

Sudden Cardiac Arrests (SCA) plague the headlines. Tragic story after tragic story of lives cut painfully short. And now it’s becoming more apparent that an SCA can affect anyone of any age. While

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Cardiac arrest in the community

How one man inspired his community to help save others from cardiac arrest

It’s not very often we hear news that puts a smile on our faces. The heartwarming story of a football coach from North Shields, who inspired a community into action, did just that.

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